University of Missouri – Biochemistry – Episode #20

Site Scores:

Site Visual Information Code Overall
University of Missouri – Biochemistry 92 94 96 (282/300) 94% A

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3 Responses to “University of Missouri – Biochemistry – Episode #20”

  1. Avi Kaplan Says:

    Hi Nick-
    Thanks so much for the tweetsgiving encouragement and for highlighting the site. Keep up the great work!

  2. Nick DeNardis Says:

    No problem. You do great work, very inspiring! Not only for a great cause but also getting people to remember what thanksgiving is all about.

  3. EDU Checkup reviews MU Biochemistry – Interface - Blog of Web Communications at the University of Missouri Says:

    […] the Thanksgiving break, Nick DeNardis of EDU Checkup put up a video review of the redesigned MU Biochemistry Web site. We scored a 94%, so I think he liked it! Check out the […]