Pacific Union College – Episode #53

Site Scores:

Site Visual Information Code Overall
Pacific Union College 94 95 95 (284/300) 95% A

Today’s Tip:

Having new/events related promotions into sub pages is a great way to engage students in related content without forcing them to visit your homepage. Using categories or tags on your promotions or news and events you can use that to include them in child pages where your students may be coming into your site from a search engine or bookmark. Its a way to get visibility to your new and events off of your homepage, something similar to how Google Adwords work.

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2 Responses to “Pacific Union College – Episode #53”

  1. Nic Hubbard Says:

    Hey Nick, thanks for reviewing our site, I really appreciate all the great things you said about it.

    Just a note, none of the code was borrowed from any other place, with the exception of using some jQuery plugins. All of the code was written by the Pacific Union College Public Relations staff, and is build upon the MySouce Matrix CMS which powers our website.

  2. Nick DeNardis Says:

    @Nic Thank you for clearing that up. There is so many CMS’s our there its impossible to keep up with them all. Great job with your site!