California State University – Monterey Bay – Episode #280

Site Scores:

Site Visual Information Code Overall
California State University – Monterey Bay 98 99 95 (292/300) 97% A+

Today’s Tip:

Your entire website should work with and without a mouse. Not everyone uses a mouse and keyboard to navigate the web and you shouldn’t penalize people who browse it differently. On a mobile device you might only have touch ability so hover doesn’t work. On a mobile phone, depending on the software or hardware keyboard, you may not have an “return” key. As long as you don’t rely on a specific piece of hardware your site should work fine on any device. Think progressive enhancement, not graceful degradation.

Show Notes

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3 Responses to “California State University – Monterey Bay – Episode #280”

  1. Kevin Miller Says:

    Hey, Nick, thanks for catching the error on the “more” link in course views – the link for the course was right, but we made some changes to our schedule site recently that caused the problem (which is now fixed ;).

    Thanks for the A+, we couldn’t have done it without the awesome folks over at White Whale Web Services, who incidentally also did the Middlebury site you reviewed last year.

  2. Nick DeNardis Says:

    Awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the review and fixed the small issue. Great work everyone! It is a great feeling to review a site that just works. :-)

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