University of Maryland University College – Episode #291

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University of Maryland University College 68 92 70 (230/300) 77% C

Today’s Tip:

Javascript should always be included at the bottom of a page. Javascript can only act on the Document Object Model (DOM), the HTML makes up the DOM. Without the HTML being loaded and rendered by the browser the javascript has nothing to work on. Avoid loading the files too early and potentially slow down the rendering of the page by the browser. It might seem like milliseconds, but those add up and your users notice. Moving your javascript to the bottom of the page will decrease visual loading time which in turn will result in more clicks by your users.

Show Notes:

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2 Responses to “University of Maryland University College – Episode #291”

  1. Brad Czerniak Says:

    If your script can run shortly after the page has loaded, adding the defer and/or async attributes to the script tag can help speed up the browser’s loading of the page.

    Since not all browsers have implemented both attributes, it’s still a good idea to put scripts as far down the page as possible.

  2. Nick DeNardis Says:

    I have not had a lot of luck with increasing a page’s speed using the “defer” attribute. Since Google is not including page speed in Analytics and in page rank it is important to squeeze every ounce you can out of it. It is a cheap way to get your page ranked higher and is a win-win for everyone.